LATE BREAKING VR NEWS...DATELINE: San Francisco, CA (USA) 11/14/14..."Vicious Rumors Live You To Death 3-Brazilian Brutality DVD" plans announced! ...visit the VR kickstarter page for more details: ...follow VR on facebook and twitter to stay current...

           link to the kickstarter page: "Live You To Death 3" DVD 



"Live You To Death 2 - American Punishment"

...the latest from SPV/Steamhammer recording artists the legendary Vicious Rumors...the new line-up captured live the US. Get your copy:

   also avail. on:  iTunes - ArtistDirect - CDUniverse




Geoff Thorpe – guitars
Larry Howe - drums
Nick Holleman – vocals
Bob Capka – guitars
Tilen Hudrap – bass


Major VR announcements to follow, very soon - you can stay up-to-the-minute by following the band on both Facebook and Twitter  (as well as MySpace, which may be updated less frequently - though it does link up to the Vicious Rumors twitter feed)

"Live You To Death" Tour

35 Years Of Metal 1979-2014


VR's first-ever tour of South America!


Check out the Open Road Agency

for a current list of live dates (more

dates could be added later)








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