"CONCUSSION PROTOCOL", a new chapter in VICIOUS RUMORS history Back

Concussion Protocol is out! The press absolutely loves it, hope you'll dig it as well, VRazors!!!

"With Concussion Protocol, Metal veterans Vicious Rumors’ 12th studio album, the group has found the perfectly triangulated middle ground between Thrash, Power Metal, and the classic New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. A strong release for a band with an already strong back catalog."

37 years on & Vicious Rumors can still put one hell of an album out & are just as relevant now as they were when they released their first album Soldiers of the Night back in 1985. This is their 12th studio album but 17th over all (if you consider the live albums)
There’s not a dull moment on this album & is quite possibly their strongest album to date.

This is old school, headbanging, brainwashing metal at its finest and is delivered at a break neck speed throughout, with just a temporary break in tempo with “Circle of Life”, at track number seven, before throwing you headlong back into an oncoming metal assault.

There is plenty here for fans to enjoy, because VICIOUS RUMORS have not veered too far from their formula. Concussion Protocol is well worth your money and attention!

This will be a tough power/thrash album to top in my books this year. Maybe Vicious Rumors can start to get some late-career accolades; they’re certainly earning them

Vicious Rumors have remained true to their sound across 12 studio albums and three-plus decades, delivering elite guitar shredding and high-octane, pure kick ass heavy metal.  Concussion Protocol is a must have for any headbanger that enjoys in your face, neck-snapping, riff-driven metal.

Vicious Rumors, renowned for their relentless, driving energy and commitment to excellence, have now excelled themselves on ‘Concussion Protocol’, a soon to be hailed all-time classic metal album."

With ‘class’ scrawled all over it, ‘Concussion Protocol’ is yet another top drawer release from Thorpe and his crew. Is there no stopping this band?